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London Sport PE and Sport Premium Case Study

Which of the 5 key indicators did your work expect to see improvements across?

  • The engagement of all/more pupils in regular physical activity – at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day
  • The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • Increased participation in competitive sport

What did you hope to achieve?

We hoped to skill our teachers with resources and training so they felt more confident in their PE lessons.

We hoped to engage more students than in previous years in physical activity either through walk to school initiatives, after school clubs, competitions, in-school active workshops, and Daily Mile.

What did you actually do?

Also: Who was involved / target audience and partners involved / How / What was been done /

We have maintained running the Daily Mile throughout the school with all year groups.

We have offered a variety of after school clubs for children of all interests – with their say in mind.

We have offered more competitive clubs for the children to go on.

We have brought in more external active workshops of different varieties for all or some year groups to take part in.

We have joined the Sutton School’s Partnership to help skill our teachers and assist us with meeting objectives for the school action plan and the end of year award.

We have raised the profile of PE through blogging and our display wall in the gym.

What was the role of London Sport and/or other partners e.g. local authority, sport partnership, etc.?

For example: funding/subsidised programme, guidance, access to training, access to self-review, mentor, access to Suppliers Hub, etc.

Sutton Sports Partnership have assisted us in updating our curriculum, resources, use of equipment, and modelling PE lessons of different kinds and how they should be taught. They have assisted the PE coordinator (me) in reaching objectives.

What was the impact of what you did? How do you know?

What has been achieved / impact on the young people and on the school overall (stats, evidence and main factors for success)

We have children taking part in afterschool clubs that were never involved before.

We have children becoming faster and more competitive in their daily mile laps due to recording laps at the end of each Daily Mile and our end of term pupil voice – some children were saying they wish they did it more!

In the last 5 years, we haven’t had a teacher staff meeting regarding PE until this year.

Children are more engaged in their Games lessons due to the new curriculum and this was taken from the pupil voice regarding our Games PE lessons.

Teachers are better equipped on the gymnastics equipment to better run their gymnastics lessons and this has shown in the pupil voice.

There has been a raise in the amount of children who walk to school or park and stride due to our transport survey last term compared to now. The walk to school initiative has spiked this interest.

Quotes from pupil(s)

What do you think of the Daily Mile?

Bamiji – It’s awesome because it’s really fun.

Why do you think we do the Daily Mile?

B – To keep us fit.

What do you think of the Daily Mile?

William – It’s great because we can run around and get fit.

Lily- It’s good because you can run.

Mateo – It’s fun. I like running.

What do you think of the Daily Mile?

Faith H – It’s really good because you give the children exercise and they don’t do it at home.

Oscar – Now I like running.

Lexie – I get to run and get fresh air.

What was your key learning from your work this year?

  • How to spend the sports premium money properly
  • Coming to terms with the new curriculum given to us by our Sutton Sports Partnership
  • How to implement after school clubs of variety to get different children interested
  • Walking to school initiatives
  • Daily Mile/60 active minutes

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