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London Sport PE and Sport Premium Case Study

Which of the 5 key indicators did your work expect to see improvements across?

  • The engagement of all/more pupils in regular physical activity – at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day
  • The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • Increased participation in competitive sport

What did you hope to achieve?

  1. To increase the physical activity levels of all children across the school.
  2. To continue to support and develop the teaching of Early Years Foundation Stage Physical Education to ensure that all children are equipped with motor skills that will allow them to participate fully in Physical Education throughout their time at the school.
  3. To support Newly Qualified Teachers to increase confidence and knowledge in delivering the National Curriculum. To ensure that new members of teaching staff are aware of the expectations in line with the school policy.
  4. To trial and implement a strategy for assessing the end of year and key stage levels in line with National Curriculum expectations.

What did you actually do?

Also: Who was involved / target audience and partners involved / How / What was been done /
  1. Year 6 children undertook play leader training allowing them to lead games with younger children. Equipment was purchased to allow Year 6 play leaders to play a variety of games with younger children. Play leaders monitored and reviewed across the year. 30 minutes of playground games taught weekly in every class. All class teachers introduced to ‘Go Noodle’ ‘Cosmic Kids’ ‘Jump Start Jonny’ and ‘Supermovers.’
  2. New equipment purchased for Early Years P.E. lessons. P.E. lead attended Early Years P.E. course and delivered training to Early Years staff. Merton Early Years scheme of work purchased for early years team to follow.
  3. 3-Part teach delivered with all NQTs by P.E. leads (NQT observes P.E. lead, NQT & P.E. lead plan a lesson together, P.E. lead informally observed NQT). P.E. leads delivered Outstanding P.E. Teaching training to NQTs across Cirrus Academy Trust. Informal drop in’s on all staff members and pop up delivered on INSET with feedback from these.
  4. P.E. team trialled different methods of assessment. P.E. lead attended conference which included assessment focus.

What was the role of London Sport and/or other partners e.g. local authority, sport partnership, etc.?

For example: funding/subsidised programme, guidance, access to training, access to self-review, mentor, access to Suppliers Hub, etc.
  1. Sutton Sports Partnership delivered Supremo Training to Year 6 play leaders. A variety of children attended tournaments, competitions and festivals ran by Sutton Sports Partnership.
  2. Merton Sports Partnership delivered Early Years P.E. course.
  3. N/A
  4. Sutton Sports Partnership organised training with Create London to use assessment wheel.

What was the impact of what you did? How do you know?

What has been achieved / impact on the young people and on the school overall (stats, evidence and main factors for success)
  1. TA informal feedback – less behaviour issues on the playground. CT informal feedback – children choosing and enjoying active brain breaks. Data from questionnaire still to be collected.
  2. Early Years CT feedback – children and staff enjoying P.E. more, children changing much faster, skills being developed at a faster pace than in previous years.
  3. NQTs feeling more confident in planning and teaching P.E., NQTs receiving positive feedback from SLT drop ins.
  4. Trialled methods not useful, new method in line with other foundation subjects in place for next academic year.

Quotes from pupil(s)

“We get to play games with all the new stuff, like rolling and stuff” – Reception

“I like the play leaders. They play games with us at lunch time” – Year 1

“I did tag rugby this year and I have never done that before. It was lots of fun” – Year 2

“Sports Relief (was my favourite) because we did loads of different sports all day” – Year 3

“We went to a hockey festival and I think I am going to join hockey club next year” – Year 4

“I go to play leaders club on Friday and next year I will get a play leaders badge. (What does that mean?) So I get to go to the other playgrounds and teach them games and stuff” – Year 5

“(We learnt) how to play dodgeball, it was great because it was different to the normal sports we do” – Year 6

Quotes from school staff involved

“Our children are enthused by active learning and physical challenges. The PE team have worked hard to ensure that all abilities are catered for and this has certainly motivated the children as they now have the ‘I can’ attitude”.

What was your key learning from your work this year?

  1. Children will be most active in a ‘play’ scenario and so we are going to try and develop cross circular links to bring more learning through play into foundation subjects.
  2. Early Years P.E. is very different to the rest of the school and requires more time to develop motor skills through playful, imaginative activities.
  3. Staff in the school are generally confident with P.E. and hopefully this will be sustained.
  4. Assessment for P.E. to be broken down into a ‘best fit’ for year groups not key stages.

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