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London Sport PE and Sport Premium Case Study

Which of the 5 key indicators did your work expect to see improvements across?

  • The engagement of all/more pupils in regular physical activity – at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day
  • The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • Increased participation in competitive sport

What did you hope to achieve?

With the funding we wanted to provide the children with specific sportive skills. We are already are an active school, in that the children do a large percentage of their learning through movement. But to empower children with more specific skills we wanted them to take learn the basics of tennis, achieve cycling on two wheels and an exposure to movement in other cultures such as Indian dance.

We wanted to empower teachers with the knowledge of how to use the Real PE scheme to it’s full potential across the school so that children were being exposed equally to the skills necessary for the basics of all sport. By the teachers using it across the school it means that each year group is able to continuously build on the children’s skills so that the children are constantly acquiring the necessary steps and teachers are confident to deliver a purposeful lesson.

We also wanted to add to the playground to highlight the daily mile to children by creating a running track of some sort whereby they can manage and challenge themselves to achieve the mile independently.

What did you actually do?

Also: Who was involved / target audience and partners involved / How / What was been done /

The children have received and are in the process of tennis coaching.

The children have received and have more to come of cycling.

Indian dance has not yet taken place due to personal reasons of the instructor.

We have been signed to the Sutton Schools Partnership which has supported staff in using Real PE. The Old staff were able to ask for more support on specific elements of the scheme and to target certain areas of it and new staff were introduced to the scheme and talked through it.

Two members came to school for three sessions with two year groups. During the first session they modelled the lesson. During the second they did a team teach and during the third they did an observation and provided feedback.

We have now contacted a company to quote us on the service they can provide to improve the playground suggested by the team at Sutton School Partnership.

What was the role of London Sport and/or other partners e.g. local authority, sport partnership, etc.?

For example: funding/subsidised programme, guidance, access to training, access to self-review, mentor, access to Suppliers Hub, etc.

Guidance and modelling to support the delivery of lessons.

Introducing a new self-reviewing tool.

Recommendations for external companies to act on our targets.

What was the impact of what you did? How do you know?

What has been achieved / impact on the young people and on the school overall (stats, evidence and main factors for success)

Through tennis the children are improving each week, therefore their hand eye coordination must be improving and in turn their handwriting. They move a lot through the warm ups and use lots of different skills including understanding team skills, waiting their turn, communicating with their team.

Many children have grown from unable to ride a bike to riding independently. Which again in turn must improve their coordination and in turn handwriting. Building stronger muscles and working their circulatory system.

Quotes from pupil(s)

“we exercise to move our blood” Y1 Pupil

“we exercise to get our hearts pumping” Y1 Pupil

“it makes us healthy” Y1 Pupil

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