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Click on the link above. Look at the 20 pictures for 1 minute then look away and try to recall as many objects as possible…..3,2,1 GO – Good Luck!…

Over the end of last academic year and this academic year Suzy has been working with the Y11 Students at Carshalton Boys Sports College, helping them prepare for their upcoming exams. She has worked on movement, breathing, mantra writing and paying attention. In the hope that the boys have some new ways to cope with their nerves and have helpful thoughts about how they will do in their G.C.S.E’s.

On Friday Suzy worked with a group of Y6 students at Dorchester Primary School to help prepare them for their upcoming S.A.T.S papers, she gave them breathing techniques, growth mindset information and achievement mantras. By the end of the hour each and every one of the students felt happier about the tests.

Suzy is working with all of the Y6 students at Barrow Hedges Primary School very soon and has three tutor time workshops left at Carshalton Boys.

Here’s hoping for good results all round!.

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