***A review of MindUp Lessons at Nonsuch Primary School***

MindUp is an American programme of 15 lessons put together by The Hawn Foundation. The lessons encourage brain focused strategies for learning and living – in the hope that the classroom will become more focused, mindful learning will be taking place and the children will become more resilient.

There are 4 units – Getting Focused, Sharpening Your Senses, It’s All About Attitude and Taking Action Mindfully.

I have been delivering the lessons at Nonsuch Primary School, starting the lessons with Year 5 in May last academic year and continuing with the next 10 this academic year now the group is in Year 6 this academic year.

The lessons involve theory and some fun practical parts and discuss how that particular skill might be useful outside of school and for the children in their future.

Every lesson starts with a Breath Break, which is now being lead by the children where a chime is rung and the hearing sense is called upon.

Some comments from the children when asked how the lessons were helping them inside and outside of school have been:

‘I feel the lessons really help and it keeps me calm and relaxed. I am now being a lot more aware of myself and my surroundings, and try to do things mindfully’.

‘I really enjoy MindUp. I’ve used the techniques we are learning a lot recently’.

‘Outside of school I am doing meditation before bed’.

‘From what I have learnt in these lessons I have used breathing skills for auditions and for nerves. I enjoy MindUp especially the lesson on Mindful smelling’.

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