Sutton Schools Skipping Week 15 – 19 March

Now that pupils are back in schools we have launched  



Welcome your pupils back into school by taking part in this really fun and simple borough wide event.
Open to all pupils from Y1 – 6

WHEN? Break times, lesson warm-up, club activity or as a Daily Mile type class activity or get your leaders to organise the event for you.

HOW? Fill out a simple entry sheet to indicate how many pupils in your school skipped and for how many seconds, and we will add the times together across Sutton schools!

Friday 19th March is RED NOSE DAY so skipping could be merged with any other plans you might have for this day.

Please send us photos or videos and tweet your skipping activity.

DID YOU KNOW? The world record for individual skipping is held by Joey Motsey of the USA who jumped continuously for 30 hours and 20 minutes! Let’s see if we can beat this with our total skipping time.

We hope that you will get involved and we look forward to seeing tweets and receiving photos and videos of your pupils enjoying themselves.

Record your numbers on this simple form!

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